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Land Tenure Hawaii CPR Explained

Residential Condo on AG (Agricultural) Zoned Land – A residential condo, many times referred to as a CPR (condominium property regime) property, isessentially the identical item under the Hawaii State Law HRS 514B. A residential condo differs from a “real” condo (aka condominium complex) really only in that theresidential condo may look exactly like a single family detached home, complete with a fenced yardaround the limited common elements of the home and yard. The residential condo may share somecommon elements with other structure(s) on the same parcel such as a water meter, utility hookups, orcommon driveways.

BD Hawaii and CPR – Brown Development is the developer of many condominium properties (CPR’s). Approximately 75% of the properties in the Launiupoko subdivisions are CPR’d. The CPR process allows the land owner to deed and sell portions of the land completely separate without adding more density (or buildings allowed by the county). By creating two condominiums on a lot, it allows the lot to be deeded feesimple and sold to two separate owners. Typically everything is separated in the condominium including water, utilities, driveways, etc. This process allows owners to buy a portion of the property with one of the living structures without having to invest a significant amount more to own the entire lot and both homes or farm dwellings on the lot.

The state has specific laws and descriptions covering this process and we encourage you to refer to the literature offered by the state for official clarification of a CPR.